André Speelmans

Welcome to my photo site!

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I'm a hobbyist from the Netherlands, started to dabble with photography in 2016 during a holiday, for which I even bought a new camera.

If I had been smart, I would also have learned a bit better on how to operate that camera.

I love making photos in zoos, as I find that very relaxing. Just as museums can give a nice time. Most of the exhibits don't move, so there is not much chance on missing the moment of the shot.

Now, several  years later, I am still learning and wondering how to get better.

My photos

Blog of a photography noob

In 2017 I started a blog. Not because I am such a knowledgable person, but to share the thoughts of someone clawing his way to learning something.

Not all of the opinions in it will be valid after learning more, but then showing mistakes and errors does still help others avoid them. And they serve a purpose in that way.

Have a look, laugh at my noobishness and be sure to correct me on the entries where I wrote the wrong things. As I am sure there will be plenty of entries that are not spot on.

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